This is me dishopproving face.

We don't gets much time to post on LJ anymore but we do read it when we can.

Me Mum's resolution this year was more her time! Outrageous I thought but it actually means more me time as well and less 'puter time.

So todays we had a long chat and she is abandoning me fur the week end for an upholstery course (my throne needs to be done).


Fear not buns she will be driving home instead of staying to make sure I gets me dinner and breakfast on time.

Augustus Hoolibun
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A couple of garden nomming photos.


Me Mums having a go at upholstery now, my little chair has been ripped apart and had springs added fur a more trampoline like bounce and now confiscated buntil it gets wax polished as I like licking it endlessly and it has worm killer on it. We'll do a befur and after some other day.

She also bought 2 chairs at auction this week to do next which I have claimed although they is a bit manky at the moment. A butterfly likes the red one, we've had a lot of butterflies this year B, last couple of years its just been cabbage whites.


Well all I can say is she better have enough time fur me with all this stuff going on!

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About the Compitition Prizes ......

I promise they will be sent but having difficulties not nomming them.

Just quality control you bunderstand .....

Apple twigs are saved but all the dried clover, dandies, sweetpea etc has been nommed.

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Garden nom report

Been a lot of pushing, shoving and lurving werds being muttered my way in the garden.

This is one of Mums favourite plants. Verbina Bonariensis. Its not a formal plant and wafts around self seeding everywhere and the flutterbyes and bees lurve it.

Here's how to tackle it.
1. Select the longest most flowery stalk.
2. Select the tastiest bits.
3. Enjoy!

Agent Bunfire over and out.
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Back from me Holibobs

Well I picked a furpect week to go. With all this hot weather I have been chilling out with Auntie Jane in the very cool cottage for nice old stone floors.


Me Mum got a bit worried when she had a message saying I was being a little angel. (I'm not little and not usually called an angel?). Anypaws I had a great time and Auntie Jane and Uncle Alb fed me Kale, Apple Twigs, Hazel fresh from the garden on demand. </xml:namespace>

She had a good week working in Poland blah blah blah ..... Instead of her 3 wild bunnies outside her office window here she had a family of four owls on a branch right outside her office window in Poland.

She only managed to take a couple of picture of Lublin, Poland. It is a café culture city (nice food) and has a really old castle of which this is one of the gateways.


And so she is back, I would not speak to her, take a treat and had to be grabbed to come home. I persisted in ignoring her for another 2 hours and then had a run in the garden.
I had a frenzied chinning session and then forgot that I wasn't speaking to her and snuggled up and we had a snooze on the sofa.

Little Angel Augustus

And the winner is ..................

Thumps back thumpers to build suspense .......

A little recap :)

This was the picture.

And the Nommynations are:
'You nose I has to find the grape furst mummeh'from Bibi
OK, so where DID you hide the treats? from Master Dandy
Oops... bugger, Red is soooo not my colour, Melud it reared up in an unprevoked attack and bonked me on the snoz from Grace
"Here's my entry for the Turner Prize - in your face Tracey Emin" from Helga
"I told you 5 minute ago I wanted a new nibble stick ... or else the litter tray would get it" from Dolly
Wasn't me from Freddie
It's wasn't me. It was a big bunny who runned away.... from me Dad Walter.

Well we couldn't decide between a couple of them so for all who entered we will send a small package from me sometime soonish with a few apple twigs and for the gummy buns a bit of me own dried forage.

Will try to catch up with the journals in the next couple of days.
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